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Willow Bend Elementary School

Willow Bend Elementary Spreads Kindness Like Confetti

All week the Willow Bend family participated in several events to show and remind students about being kind. Jessica Neitsch, the Willow Bend counselor, teamed up with the student council members to organize and execute Kindness Week.  

Every morning the student council team greeted their peers as they walked into school. The younger students really enjoyed this warm welcome every morning, especially when they received a sweet treat. 

The “Post-It” Day seemed to be a student and staff favorite. Everyone took a few minutes of the day to write encouraging notes to each other and stick them to doors, lockers, and desks. The student council provided post-is for every class, but they soon ran out as everyone was excited to spread the kindness around.  

In PE class, students made a tunnel to welcome the next class with dozens of high-fives. They orchestrated this high five tunnel to achieve their kindness bingo square of high fiving a member of another class.  

“Willow Bend students and staff strive to be kind every day,” said Neitsch. “Kindness week reinforces why we choose to be kind to each other. It is a reminder that we are all a team and can be kind to one another every day.” 

Neitsch, along with the Willow Bend Student Council, organized a campus wide art project to round out Kindness Week. Every student and staff were given a confetti circle to decorate how they are or can be kind. Once finished they add it to the wall in the hallway for everyone to see. The wall states, “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti.” The students love to see and try to find their ‘confetti’ piece as they walk by.