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Willow Bend Elementary School

Pre-K Students at Willow Bend Elementary Make Art for Nursing Home

Earlier this month pre-kindergarten classes at Willow Bend Elementary learned about fall and the upcoming holidays. As a part of these lessons Kimberly Daniel and Kristine Garrett, pre-kindergartens teachers at Willow Bend, had the students make fall leaf handprints with “Happy Fall Ya’ll” written on them.  

The students often make handprints in collaboration with the current lesson plan, so Daniel and Garrett decided to change it up and send these art projects to The Garrison nursing home.  

Daniel’s daughter, Alyssa, works at The Garrison nursing home and informed her mother that several of the residents don’t have many visitors. The teachers wanted to do something to cheer up the residents, and Daniel and Garrett decided to give their students' art to The Garrison nursing home.  

Between the two classes, they sent 38 fall handprint art pieces from the pre-k students. Daniel’s daughter said the residents loved their new decorations and were very excited to have art made by the students.