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Willow Bend Elementary School

Frenship ISD Second Graders Take Part in 4th Annual United We Read

On October 21, more than 400 volunteers filled approximately 190 second-grade classrooms at elementary campuses across Lubbock County to read the same book at the same time to 3,600 students.

“This was the best part of my day, maybe even month,” Frenship ISD Superintendent Dr. Michelle McCord said with a smile. “It was amazing!”

Dr. McCord, along with other Frenship ISD administrators, Board of Trustees, Foundation Board of Directors, and members of the Lubbock community spread out among the eight Frenship elementary campuses to read the book called Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. In the story, the main character, Ramon, learns there is more to life than just getting things “right” and he taps into his creative muscles think “ishly”. Volunteers then led a craft based on the book where students used pipe cleaners to make their own imperfect creations.

“This event is important for a lot of reasons. One, it demonstrates taking the time to read with children. That is shown to help develop a love of reading, and the more you read and the more you practice, you get higher literacy rates,” said Dr. McCord. “But outside of literacy, I think it shows the children they are supported and cared about by the community.”

In an effort to encourage reading at home with parents, siblings, and others, the Lubbock Area United Way provided each second grader with their own copy of Ish to take home. But it wasn’t just the students taking away a valuable lesson and a new appreciation for reading – the impact was far reaching.

“The benefits are immeasurable for our community members,” said McCord. “They get to come into the class and seed what it is the United Way is supporting.”

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