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Willow Bend Elementary School

Brenda Montoya

My name is Brenda Montoya and I am the K-5 Reading Interventionist at Willow Bend Elementary. 
I love to hear about what books someone has read and then have a discussion over it! 
I have been married to Richard for 31 years! I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren! 
I am one of the original staff here at Willow Bend! I helped open the doors in August of 2006! This is where my heart is! I love my family here at the WB!!!


Character Edna

"Edna is Willow Bend's social, emotional and character coach for Willow Bend Elementary. She's someone the kids can laugh and cry with while learning about how to navigate life." "Edna is a sweet old lady who gives kids knowledge on life lessons that every child can benefit from no matter how old or young they are." "I would describe her as a Willow Bend family member...She is like a grandma to all of the Willow Bend students. Her beliefs stand for the best well being of all kids. She has many life lessons that we can apply to become better humans and members of our community. We are all living under a time where the window has been opened for not only us as adults, but kids to have a different view in life."